Corporate Positioning

Our Vision Statement:

Exxel will continue to push boundaries in the outdoor industry (where we got our start) and beyond. We will redefine the outdoor experience and the industry by better aligning with the social and economic changes of today and the future.


As a large privately-owned company structured as a house of brands, we function with a strong point of view and character. Our core values as a company are more than just words, they’re a way of life. We know that companies with a strong culture and a higher purpose perform better in the long run. As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that our culture remains alive, evolves, and clarifies. We intend to take these values and incorporate them into all aspects of our business so they become part of the fabric of our company.

Corporate Strategy

Pulling long-term vision, goals, and initiatives together,
our plan is to invest big in four major areas of focus:

Facilities & Operations

Exxel invests heavily in building global infrastructure that is strategically designed, well-built, efficiently run, and always maintained. Constantly seeking excellence in processes, operations, logistics, and output is the way forward to continued success. Expansion and streamlining is always at the forefront of our decision-making.

Portfolio Shaping

We curate our portfolio to better position Exxel and expand and deliver on our corporate vision for the future. We leverage brands' expertise and size to find favorable business environments for product and channel segments, and compile, preserve, nurture, and communicate history of brands to build value in them and the company as a whole. We also use acquisitions to break into fields of strategic interest and scale up to new heights.

Shelter under One Roof

We believe it is important to cross-pollinate forward-thinking ideas and opportunities between brands and departments to benefit products, sales, and marketing. We are fortunately able to house shared services, archived resources, and consolidated platforms at our Broomfield, CO facility, which makes sharing past knowledge and experiences easy as we move forward into the future.

The Human Element

Our employees, customers, and consumers are at the center of Exxel's decision-making. They define the reality that our business exists in by shaping our society, using technology, impacting the economy, affecting the environment, and influencing politics. So we listen, study, design, build, and flex to their needs and demands.


We want to ensure the most ethical practices, help improve working conditions, and protect the rights of people in factories around the world where our equipment and apparel is made. We expect dignity and ethical treatment of all factory employees who produce our products. The cornerstone of our program’s effectiveness is based on fair but strict enforcement, understanding unique factory operations, and working successfully with supplier management to facilitate process improvements affecting the worker’s quality of life. Being socially responsible is a huge priority – whether we’re partnering with vendors or providing peace of mind to stakeholders (our employees, customers, and the general public).


Social responsibility is something we take seriously in our approach to business. That’s why we have a social responsibility policy, the Exxel Outdoors Code of Conduct, which has guided us since 1995, with continuous monitoring efforts for over two decades. In reflection of our company’s global reach and the diversity in factories, our Code of Conduct is translated into ten different languages.

Our Code of Conduct covers our ethical standards in areas such as Human Rights Expectations, Compliance Monitoring, and Continuous Improvement to ensure mindfulness of our workers and business practices.

Our complete Code of Conduct


From corporate practices to supply chain management, sustainability plays a fundamental role in doing things better. Definitively speaking, sustainability is managing risks, opportunities, and performance in operations, services, and supply chain while benefitting financial, environmental, and social aspects of a business (profits, people, and the planet). Best practices translate into value in the form of cost savings, innovation drivers, operational efficiency gains, and saving the environment.

The Outdoor Industry has communicated market demand for businesses to incorporate sustainable initiatives. Consumers are more aware than ever of climate change and the importance of natural resource conservation. They are interested in protecting the places they recreate, and are insisting on transparency around the businesses and products they love. Top retailers in the industry are aiming to show solidarity by imposing requirements for the brands they carry to incorporate practices such as fair trade, carbon reduction, animal welfare protections, curtailment of chemical use and microfiber shedding, increased use of sustainable materials that are recyclable or compostable, and the use of locally-sourced materials, whenever possible.

All of this, coupled with increased regulation and legislation nationwide, means taking on complex challenges involving all aspects of the business in new and intelligent ways to meet the demands from our consumers and top customers.customers, and the general public).

Exxel has stepped up to the challenge by developing committees with clear direction and leadership dedicated to sustainability practices in the following areas: Product Lifecycle, Factories & Supply Chain, Marketing & Communication, Offices & Facilities, and Conservation.

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