Corporate Portfolio

Established Brands

Exxel Outdoors has diversified its portfolio over the years to include brands with product offerings in various sectors, ranging from the outdoor industry, to airbeds, to urban travel. At the core of it all are our eight established brands, who with their brand equity and staying power, are the major drivers of our business.

Playing Hard Since 1952

Brand Overview

Kelty Pack was born out of a genuine love for the outdoors. For Dick Kelty, getting outside was a physical need - and as a result, every single thing he made was handcrafted to make the backcountry feel as accessible and comfortable as his own backyard. As the originator of the modern external frame pack, Kelty has always been dedicated to connecting all kinds of folks with the wonders of the wilderness… and encouraging PLAY in its most natural form.


Because, let’s face it: nobody works for the Wednesday! And adventure doesn’t have to mean bagging an epic peak. It’s also a truck full of tubes and coolers… it’s baby’s first campout… or a last-minute road trip to whatever festival is happening that weekend. It’s ride-or-die friends, built-to-last gear and a healthy dose of “come what may.” It’s how we work. It’s WHY we work… because each and every one of us is Built for Play™.

Kelty Tactical
Built For those Who Serve

Brand Overview

Soldier on with gear that is built to defend. Our extensive collection of rugged and ready-for-battle military sleeping bags, military tents, packs, and ponchos are as tough as those who serve. From defense-grade nylon for strength to combat-caliber insulation for warmth, you’ll be well-equipped to take on whatever enemies and elements take you by surprise.


From sleeping bags, to tents and backpacks; Kelty Tactical takes the design and development of each product very seriously, knowing that it must withstand the most demanding elements and be made with the highest quality of materials available. We are Kelty Built.

Ultimate Direction
Designed by athletes, for athletes

Brand Overview

We were the first. We literally invented the entire concept of a specific pack to carry water with you when running, hiking, skiing, or climbing. That was back in 1985, three years before Camelbak or any other company. Our wearable gear has continued to evolve since then through partnerships and feedback from best-in-class elite athletes.


It is of paramount importance for the brand to connect with athletes and retailers in order to design the next revolution of high-performance hydration products. The ultimate goal is products that are engineered with purpose so that the athlete can focus on the finish line and we can focus on getting you there. Ultimate Direction aims to set the standard: Gear designed by end-users for the end-users it supports to grow the sport.

Sierra Designs
Think Outside

Brand Overview

Born in California and bred on the trail, Sierra Designs has been committed to supporting people’s love of the outdoors since 1965. Today, that means creating equipment and apparel that is functional, beautiful, and most importantly, attainable. Our team believes that exploration should be within everyone’s reach, because life is found in the adventure, not the destination.


The first meaning is a descriptive of what we do, constantly thinking about the outdoors. The second meaning alludes to the term "Think Outside The Box", a hint to our innovative approach to product design and progressive outdoor experiences in general. Whenever possible, we use the unique word mark that has the word "Outside" upside-down, creating a visual that requires a second glance and forces someone to pause and ponder.

Equip The Creators

Brand Overview

HEX draws on decades of experience in fashion, music, and art and channels it to equip the next generation of creators. We empower everyone to explore the outer limits of their potential through thoughtfully designed products.


HEX believes that everyone can create and that creativity is a quality we should all encourage in our lives. We are creatives, musicians, artists, and designers and see the creativity of the play makers on the court to the architects, photographers, athletes, gamers, and on and on. We are building hyper-functional carry products for the way we live and what we need to achieve our goals. You will find the tag line "Equip the Creators" on our packaging, in our marketing, and in neon on the back wall of our Flagship Store.

Outdoor Sleeping Solutions Since 1958

Brand Overview

For over 60 years, Slumberjack has been the go-to for getting a good night's sleep under the stars. Our reputation for the finest quality outdoor sleeping systems wasn't built in a day, it comes from our commitment to three principles: intelligent design, quality materials, and uncompromising craftsmanship.


From backpacking and family camping to hunting and fishing, Slumberjack's over six decades of experience in the outdoor industry also taught us that "roughing it" shouldn't have to be uncomfortable. That's why we stand behind our products and continue to guarantee a comfortable night's sleep wherever your adventure takes you. Sleep first, explore later.

Let's Go Camping!

Brand Overview

Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned outdoor vet, we are here to support your adventures. Founded on the belief that you should never compromise product quality for profit, we still abide by this ethos today. Our family camping equipment is stylish, functional, and brought to you at a great value. Well into our third century, Wenzel’s primary focus remains the same: to improve the overall outdoor experience. We’ve been around for generations and will continue to support families for many more generations to come.


The Wenzel brand is rooted in the outdoors, and we create and design products that help you enjoy your adventures more comfortably. From tents, to sleeping bags, to outdoor furniture, we have a solid line of items that are meant to help you enjoy your outdoor pursuits with friends and family, or on a solo getaway. Let's go camping!

Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Tactical, & Overlanding

Brand Overview

As mentioned in the Slumberjack section, the brand grew over the years to include many products beyond sleep systems. Hunting backpacks, tactical-inspired packs, waist packs, duffels, camp furniture, hammocks, and even camo apparel had been developed and added to the line. Slumberjack's history, DNA, and core products were centered around sleep, so it felt right to give the newer products that were based around other activities their own moniker, SJK.


For a long time, SJK and Slumberjack were synonymous. However, as we move into a new decade, the time seemed right to finally give SJK its own official brand status, separate from its parent, Slumberjack. SJK has already cemented itself as a quality brand amongst outdoor and sporting goods enthusiasts, and has received accolades for many of its products. We look very forward to what the future brings, and are excited for this fantastic brand to fly higher than ever before, on its own merit.

Whatever Floats You

Brand Overview

X20 is a multi-million dollar business unit for Exxel. The brand services mass market accounts, and has been doing so since the late 1990s. The brand sells an impressive 2 million units a year, resulting in 20 million dollars in sales.


There are various product categories under the brand, including swim aids, kids life vests, boating needs, rash guards, and more. All products are approved by UL, a global safety certification company. The brand also has over 25 UL/USCG Files for Proprietary Personal Flotation Devices, and produces the only UL Verified and Tested Life Jackets for dogs.

House Labels & IP

In addition to our big eight established brands and our major house brand, X2O, Exxel has a robust collection of labels and intellectual properties. All labels are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and available for use, with many already boasting recognizable logos and product lines in select retailers. Selling under these labels provides Exxel further opportunities to offer diverse products to a variety of sales channels, flexing to the needs and requests of its multiple customers.

Exxel holds a long list of patents (with some pending) too. These range from actual product inventions to patented technology features, some of which are brand-specific, while others can be applied across brands. Quite a few of these are recognizable as well, such as DriDown™, a treatment of standard down filing with a molecular level polymer, creating a hydrophobic finish on individual down plumes. The result: DriDown™ stays dry longer, lofts better, and dries faster than untreated down. This technology, which we have applied across Kelty and Sierra Designs products has evolved into becoming an industry standard, often copied by other brands and given new names. We are proud to be the pioneers of this and other various technologies over the years.


We have robust licensing partnerships with many of the world's largest brand names