Exxel's USA Facility

Spotlight on Haleyville, AL

Exxel proudly manufactures some of our quality products here at home in America. Our “Great American Story” is one about pioneering new ideas, strengthening our country, and love for our families through job preservation and creation. In the Alabama facility we saved from closure, we produce sleeping bags for various product lines. We also have a dedicated department making items that are fully Berry Compliant for our military. Our goal is to keep the American-made tradition a solid one that continues on for generations to come.

Our Story

Our story starts back in the year 2000, with the dream of assisting a sleeping bag factory that was shutting down and laying off their workers. What most people took as just another devastating sign of the times, Exxel saw as an opportunity. We went against the tide and purchased this plant, saving good jobs that so many families relied on. In addition to the materials and equipment that came with the purchase, we gained bonus value through the warm community of people in Haleyville that show up for us everyday. Our investment has paid off, and now we are the largest sleeping bag maker in the United States, if not the world. Through the key areas of Positive Social Impact, Sustainability, and Building the Economy, we are confident that Exxel is taking part in helping and furthering the progress of our wonderful country.


At our American factory, we place optimum importance on giving back and making a positive and tangible social impact on our communities. When disaster strikes - tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires - at the top of the “most needed” list for those impacted - are often sleeping bags. And when our employees hear of a natural catastrophe happening anywhere in the country, they feel the urgency, knowing that many of the bags they’re producing will be going to help the victims of these disasters. We actively partner with relief agencies in the U.S. and across the world to donate sleeping bags wherever needed, to help struggling families pull themselves up and regain their footing. Our sleeping bags give them warmth, optimism, and hope for the future.


As a U.S. manufacturer, we’re striving to help protect the environmental health of not only our country, but our planet as a whole. Taking a better path forward to reduce our eco-footprint, we produce our recreational sleeping bags with recycled polyester fiber-fill, and package them in recycled cartons. Joining the Outdoor Industry Association’s Sustainability Working Group in using the HIGG Index, we measure and monitor our factory’s environmental performance. We impressively recycle 98% of our industrial waste, which saves tons of it from going into landfills each year. One of our partner-companies actually transforms discarded fibers into other products, like pillows, mattress toppers, and t-shirts. We are also in the process of installing solar panels across the factory’s roof, making a huge investment to further help the environment. We’re proud of expanding our role in America’s joint efforts to preserve our eco-system for future generations.


U.S. manufacturing is one of the keys to the strength of the American economy. Each job at our American factory creates and supports even more jobs in other sectors - like designers and raw materials suppliers. Our biggest asset is our dedicated workers. Together with them, we’ve built a plant that produces over a million and a half recreational sleeping bags per year and advanced sleep systems and tents for the U.S. military. We provide high value to our retail-partners as a U.S. facility, and tout excellent quality-control and our Just-in-Time delivery service as additional benefits. Our factory has grown to become a small but mighty engine of innovation and economic growth for America, while providing a bright future for our employees.